The project picture in the 3 photos above depict the adding of stonework to an existing brick fireplace chimney in a hunting lodge in
Boscobal, Wisconsin.  As seen in the first picture we started with a scratch coat of cement and added the stone to the scratch coat set
in a new layer of cement over the scratch coat, then finished the joints with a pointing trowel.   The finished chimney rose to the vaulted
ceiling of the room.  We can do something similar for you in either your home or office.  
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The page listed on the navigation bar below named 'Stone Projects' start here with a group of projects
depicting stonework.  Many stone work projects look different but as you will find out in reading the
descriptions, the process for laying stone in any project is very similar if not exactly the same.
Fireplace Stone Chimney
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Decorative Patio Wall
In the above photo sequence you will see an old brick patio wall surround that was deteriorating to the point where bricks were falling out
of the wall.  The project called for removing all the old brick from the wall down to the wall base and rebuilding the wall in Flagstone.  The
progression shows how the wall was built starting at both ends of the house and building out to a meeting place near the middle.  This is
to ensure the wall remains level being able to sight across the top of both sides to maintain a proper elevation.  In the last 3 photos you
will notice the tree off by itself in the yard beyond the patio.  Since there were extra stone left over from the shipment, it was decided to
enclose the base of the tree in stone.  If you have an old patio wall that is in need of renovation or just want to add a decorative wall to
your yard area,
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